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with Michael Boyle, LMFT, CDBT


Together We Thrive

I help motivated couples and individuals go from the norm of just surviving life to absolutely thriving without cheesy gimmicks, excessive processing or typical long term therapy.


Real Talk, Real Tools & Real Real Results for Real People

Are you frustrated because you aren’t feeling the love, trust, connection and JOY in your LIFE? In your Marriage?


Are you actually happy? Or mostly stressed?


Even motivated, successful people like you are not by default healthy and happy and do not often FEEL the LOVE you think you “should.”


What I have witnessed through thousands of hours of clinical experience is that it’s not your fault. What I teach is NOT typical therapy.


You didn’t know that “surviving” is the default mode of the brain you were born with. And that all the reasons why you think you are not as happy as you “could”, “should” or “want” to be, or why you think your relationship is on the rocks, are not really the underlying CAUSE for your suffering.

You didn’t know that ALL brains are designed to prioritize surviving mode and will continue to do so, until they are given a NEW priority: THRIVING.


But here’s the the thing: even you - motivated, successful, “have plenty to be grateful for” on paper - must DELIBERATELY upgrade your brain to THRIVING MODE if you want to be TRULY happy and healthy, if you want to FEEL the love, trust, connection and joy you sense that you “should” be experiencing.


It is part of the human curriculum that we ALL get to CREATE a life worth loving.


It does not happen by itself - even when we have “success,” even when we are ‘living the dream.”


So, it’s not your fault because you didn’t know that there are maps, tools and instructions to perform this deliberate upgrade in your life and your relationships.


Now you know.

Hey I’m Mike! I specialize in helping couples and individuals go from surviving to truly thriving... so they can live lives worth loving.


A former psychotherapist specializing in trauma, I now help motivated and otherwise successful individuals and couples tangibly, practically and powerfully increase the quantity and quality of love and joy in their world.


Due to more extreme circumstances of suffering (being “stuck in surviving mode”) than most, I had no choice but to BLAZE a personal path to THRIVING.


Through overcoming numerous head injuries, depression, panic, PTSD, addiction, ADHD and a marriage on the brink of divorce and a broken family, I have learned first hand how to go from surviving to THRIVING.

Along the way of my personal healing journey I've earned and experienced:

  • 2 masters degrees in psychology (Transpersonal Psych and Clinical Psych)

  • Thousands of hours of clinical experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, specializing in practical methods to help clients rewire their nervous system and heal PTSD

  • Founder and Former Director of The Tri-County Community Services (TCCS) Family Center for Integrative Behavioral Health

  • Former Director of the TCCS Intensive Outpatient addiction program

  • Former therapist for National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center program serving combat vets with PTSD and their spouses

  • Advanced studies in yoga, ayurveda, meditation, breathwork, clinical hypnosis

My voracious appetite for studying the intersection of science and spirituality, NLP, clinical hypnosis, nutrition and exercise, and optimal flow states, Combined with my personal development and professional experience, Has empowered me not only to go from surviving to thriving.


But it has also enabled me to explore, discover, learn, grow and create the maps, tools and instructions that are relatable and useful for people like me and you to be able to Tangibly, practically and powerfully increase the quality and quantity of love and joy in our world.


Through more than 20 years of personal work and spiritual development overcoming depression, PTSD, ADHD, addiction and having nurtured my marriage back from the brink of divorce to a state of unbreakable love and trust, I haven’t just studied how to THRIVE…


I AM ALIVE with the message that you, too, can rise on the ground over which you once stumbled and turn the very hard times you are facing into the specific fuel for your optimal health and happiness.


My mission is to create an Academy of culture and community for us to explore, discover, learn, grow and create lives worth loving based on the values of personal empowerment, self-cultivation and keeping families TOGETHER and thriving.

The Awareness Loving Life Academy offers Real Talk, Real Tools & Real Results for Real People:

  • The Wholehearted 100

    The Wholehearted 100 is a rolling admission community where motivated, successful people take 100 days to UPGRADE their life. Community, camaraderie, support, humor, and heart come together with the Inner Advantage Method (I AM) - the practical maps, tools and instructions you need to switch your brain from default surviving mode to THRIVING and ALL that entails: healing, health, joy, love, trust, connection.

  • The Relating Renaissance

    The Relating Renaissance is a 100 day program and community of couples who choose to not just stay together for all the right reasons, but to actually be happy and in love with life. A renaissance is a renewal in interest and values in lost art and culture. Together WE are reviving the lost art & science of happy, healthy marriages because families that stay together thrive together This program combines art, science, spirit and heart to reawaken the value of a committed partnership and purposefully creating a life worth loving. This is nothing like typical couples counseling. Participants come in thinking they need to heal in order to thrive, and learn that they need to thrive in order to heal. 100 days to activate the neurology, biology, chemistry and spirit of love, trust, connection and joy leads to a lifetime of ALL the nourishing benefits of a “Real Relationship.”

  • The Brotherhood of Men

    The Brotherhood of Men offers an opportunity for Men to come TOGETHER in nature for epic outdoor adventures. Our next trip is in June 2021 and will include kayaking, white water rafting, fly fishing, rock climbing, and camping under the expansive skies of Northern New Mexico in the splendor of the Sangro De Christo Mountains.

You can also find us in the private FB group here.



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